Wine Expo Poland - Warsaw Oil Festival 2017

Dates: 27 - 28 October 2017

Venue: Warsaw International Expocenter EXPO XXI

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Dedicated to all those producers, distributors and sellers who want to meet new customers in Poland, the European country which is constantly growing for economy and consumption.  Warsaw, the capital of Poland, but also the main economical center of Eastern Europe, is the best place where this event can be hosted. With its 3 million inhabitants, the highest density of corporations, a huge developed environment of hotels, restaurants, wine-bars, catering, Warsaw and the Masovia region represent the center of the opportunities to enter the global polish market.

A unique opportunity for professionals to meet or strengthen their relations with local business partners, but also an opportunity to meet the consumer, having the chance to get a real feedback from this market which is increasing not only in the numbers, but also in the taste, and requiring always better qualities of products.

Two are the scope of the event: one is to create new contacts and synergies between actors operating in the same market, facilitating the start of new business relations; the other, to address and instruct the consumer to the choice of the best quality products, giving them the basis for a better consciousness of consume.


Target attendants at WINE EXPO POLAND and WARSAW OIL FESTIVAL:greece

  • Producers
  • Importers
  • Distributors
  • Corporate buyers
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Catering
  • Retailers (shops, distribution chains, specialized wine-bar)
  • Mailing and web companies
  • Biologic focused companies
  • Associations and international institutions
  • Wine tasting clubs
  • Sommeliers
  • Chefs and product lovers


WEP Awards gold medal 2017WINE EXPO POLAND AWARDS, the international wine contest which allows you to build your brand and highlight the quality of your wines in Poland and abroad.

The contest is open not only to exhibitors of WINE EXPO POLAND, but to all those producers and distributors who want to measure their products which are already available in the Polish market, or those which are not yet introduced.

Double wine evaluation!

With its innovative concept, WINE EXPO POLAND AWARDS calls two juries to give their marks to the wines taking part in the contest, assigning two distinct Awards: a Professional jury composed by a panel of recognized industry experts, will rate the wines accordingly the international standards of the wine tasting; a second jury composed by Consumers not related to the wine industry, will assign a separate award.

The concept of double award is of greater importance in a country like Poland, where the dynamic of the taste changes rapidly, and to access the opinion of not only wine experts, but also of consumers, gives the opportunity to better understand, enter and follow the characteristics of this big market.

In case that a wine is going to be awarded by both juries, an additional prize is assigned: the so called “Trophy Wine Expo Poland”!


Popularity of wine in Poland is growing, so much to consider this Country as one of the most promising market in Europe. Wine imported in 2013 exceed 100 million liters and the rate of growth for the market of still wines reaches 10%. Some importers registered their turnover growing 20-30%.
In the first semester 2014 imports continued growing and registered +5% in volume and +9% in value, confirming the trend of the Polish market to move towards consumption of higher quality wines.

The Polish market is without any doubt strongly motivate to a strong constant growth, and presents elements of high dynamism: the first long step forward was registered in 2007, when sales volume increased of 55% and related values of 28%. Effects of the international economic crisis showed up in 2009, not really affecting the quantities imported, but only on the monetary amounts, decreased in comparison to data registered in 2008. So the will of consumers to maintain levels of consumption unchanged, waiting for a time of more favorable economic growth.
The economic situation in a country which is growing recovered fast, and already in 2010 the wine consumption registered (uniquely among alcoholic beverage) a positive variation so as in volume (+8,3%) as in value (+15,3%).

Used during the centuries to prepare food or to preserve it, oil is nowadays one of the most important elements in our table. Even in the northern countries the use of oils is growing constantly, sustaining and accompanying the changes in the taste of the people, always more focused on healthy and tasty products.


WARSAW OIL FESTIVAL is the event that emphasizes and presents to the wider public the different kind of oils, giving the unique opportunity to taste them, and discover how many varieties can be used for different purposes.

The recent explosion in Poland of import of olive oil from the Mediterranean countries, shows how important is for the polish cuisine this ingredient, both for the professional use in restaurants and for the table of the families. So is not difficult to enter a polish supermarket and see big spaces dedicated to oil, also to those kind of oils which are not of common use, but certainly of great quality. And inside the same “family”, the olive oil, for example, each oil might be different from another. So, as grapes for wine, also olives for oil can bring a totally unique taste which contains the characteristics of the region it comes from.

The biological olive oil for a fantastic Caprese, or the light taste of oil from corn to accompany a salad, and why not to spot a fresh cheese with some drops of oil from mediterranean nuts?

Discover at WARSAW OIL FESTIVAL how many opportunities the oil can offer you and… how cheap it could be to buy it from the producer!!


79 359x149 main building okWarsaw International Expocenter EXPO XXI is currently the number one venue for the organization of fairs. It is the most modern and multifunctional exhibiting centers in Poland and Europe.80 224x168 hall 4 with logo bis ok It provides 17 000 sqm of exhibition space, a parking lot for 1500 vehicles and the application of most modern and advanced technical solutions.

The fair will be held in the Exhibition Hall no 3, on an area up to 3600 sqm, which can accommodate more than 4000 people at one time.

It has been built on the corner of Prądzyńskiego and Bema Street. This building consists of a multifunctional hall and conference rooms.