Since 2010, our company is strongly involved in the representation of exhibitions outside Greece, in the organization of business delegations and in advertising including publications. We pride ourselves in the synergies between all three business areas and promote products and services of our clients according to their needs and objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I book a stand to the exhibitions?

We represent many exhibitions abroad and thereby offer stand booking services (for basic or special structures) and we also provide you with information about your market and visit.


Q: Do you organize B2B meetings?

B2B meetings have become essential for successful business missions to new markets. We organize targeted meetings with potential customers  and decision makers of your sector, according to your needs....

Q: What advertising services do you offer?

Our advertising services are described in the "Advertising" section on the Menu. We also translate any Greek text to the English language, allowing you to create bilingual advertising material.


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